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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ravi Somani

Ravi Somani Delhi is a businessman who was always fascinated by coins, attractive stamps, currency notes and autographs of famous people from his childhood. He thus started collection all this out of his fascination.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ravi Somani Collection

Ravi Somani is a businessman based in Delhi who has a fascination of colleting things. He has a huge collection of colourful stamps, coins, autographs and even currency notes. It was Ravi Somani’s fascination for all this that had lead to his creating and developing these collections over the years.
RaviSomani Delhi finds that there are lots of benefits to these collections. For one, coin collecting helps you learn more about the history of a country. The various coins printed in various eras help depict the type of craftsmanship and leaders who existed in the eras. The same holds for currency notes, which were printed using different methods and inks over the centuries.
Stamp collections help you learn about the future, past and present of a country. There are stamps with pictures of animals, flowers, fruits, famous people and even of instruments and equipment.
An autograph collection helps you learn more about hte person who had given an autograph. You can learn lots of things from a person’s handwriting, and thus learn more about hte person.
Ravi Somani Delhi also agrees that these collections are a priceless investment you will benefit with through the years. Moreover, these collections make a great hobby for you to pass your free time with.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Ravi Somani Tips For Business Growth

RaviSomaniRaviSomani is a Delhi businessman who has always been fascinated by coins, colourful stamps, currency notes and autographs of noted personalities. It is this fascination of all this which lead to his starting a collection of these items without any particular theme and only for pleasure. However with time, this casual hobby of Ravi Somani developed into a serious collection of valuable items.
Coincollection is a both rewarding and interesting. It is a great investment with great payoff. Not only is the collection beautiful and meticulous, it’s a joy owning gold and silver coins. Here are some coin collection tips which will help you preserve your precious metal collection.
Make sure all coins are clean before storing. Though you should use latex gloves with solvents like vinegar or lemon juice, it’s better to clean less often. Constant exposure to air will cause hte precious metals to oxidize and change colour. Protect coins from moisture by storing them in a locked box or cabinet.  Even sealed plastic cases help as they prevent them from mistakenly getting scratched during storage.

Last in coin collection tips is to invest in coin albums to protect the coins from dust and friction. Buy albums meant for coin storage and not just any album.