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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ravi Somani, Ravi Somani Business Meeting in Cameroon

Ravi Somani – recently travelled to Cameroon for 9 day trip and met the President of Chamber of Commerce of Cameroon and understood the potential of developing business in Cameroon with Indian Technology and Machines. Company Utsav Exim Limited is already executing Cassava Starch project in city of Sangmelima in Cameroon and there is proposal to install 2 more similar projects in Cameroon with technology and machines supplied by Ravi Somani’s company Utsav Exim Limited. The President of Chamber of commerce was very much glad to understand the technical capabilities of Utsav Exim Limited and assured his full support to utilize the expertise of Ravi Somani’s company Utsav Exim Limited in developing job opportunities for Cameroon youth by setting up smaller industries in the smaller towns and villages of Cameroon. MrRavi Somani also visited City of Douala which is port city of Cameroon and Yaounde which is the Capital of Cameroun apart from visiting Sangmelima to see the project status under finalization. Ravi Somani is sure that in near future Utsav Exim Limited will get more business contracts in Cameroon and nearby countries.

Ravi Somani

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ravi Somani, Autograph Collection, Ravi Somani Delhi

An autograph is a written word transcribed in the handwriting of its creator. That piece of word if sourced from a famous person is termed to be as an autograph. And this forms the practice of collecting the artistic signatures of the famous people. Be it politician, sportsmen or any other celebrity.
An autograph is able to identify the And this practice of collecting autographs is known to be as philography. And the person, who practices it, is called as a philographist.
In India, autograph collection seem to be as an upcoming hobby but in abroad, since the people are wide minded and very practical, they see this hobby as a great way of fun and also possess them to invest them in future.
It is an amazing thing to know that in a play way manner, where children get into the habit of the collection, they are actually investing in their future.
Ravi somani, a philographist and a numismatist, is a keen collector and a successful businessman. He, through his websites want to encourage the new collectors to carry out this hobby which later turns into a profitable business.
The new folks into this field always prefer e-mails to get the respective autographs.  He may or may not get a reply. But sometimes there are many people who wait outside the premiere shows in the hope to get an autograph. They are actually the professional autograph collectors who make their profit by selling them to earn their bread. You may get a rare autograph if you get involved in the club or join a page online of the autograph collectors. You can get your rare autograph exchanged with another friend/collector and hence you enhance your collection. The more you read about it, join clubs and take varied interests, the more you will grow into this business.

Mr. Ravi Somani has been through the thick and thins of this business and has turned out to be a gold digger out of his own hard work. He extends his help for the needful as he may provide every minor help one may need to develop himself into a philographist. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ravi Somani Coins Collection, Paper Money Collection, Stamp, Autograph Collection

It is time to change our belief, to get practical since our childhood. Western world train their children since beginning in order to develop their interest in different fields so that the challenges of the material world does not mar their overall development. They follow the play way method in which the casual approach via games/contests/counselling are used to give the child a chance to explore their field of interest. The result is they come out confident completing their schooling ready to act next for accomplishing their dreams. The boldness and that confidence is due to the training instilled in them since beginning of their education. They reveal themselves like the shining stars out in the field ready to face any challenge, come what may.
The Indian folks though have turned ultra modern, need to westernize their education system as well. A big reformation is the need of the hour considering the scarce future of the Indian children. Scarce is used keeping in view the backward or the old standard of education system where the practical knowledge is yet to get advance. An engineer/medical or may be some other student after years of hard work to get into the engineering /medical or some other college, come out looking forward for a handsome salary package when suddenly he is shocked as he stands deserted, until and unless he gets a job experience.
And the irony of all the hard work all through these years is that at the end of the day he stands nowhere. He has to begin his voyage once again after the tough journey he has just completed which fruits into none.

Ravi Somani Coins Collection, Paper Money Collection, Stamp, Autograph Collection

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ravi Somani

#RaviSomani Autograph Collection
Sir Don Bradman with Sunil Gavaskar
King Edward VII
Michael Shumacher

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ravi Somani Best Wishes For Indian Air Force

On #AirForceDay, I salute our air force warriors . They are our pride & their bravery, commitment & dedication continues to inspire.