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Sunday 26 October 2014

Ravi Somani, Autograph Collection, Ravi Somani Delhi

An autograph is a written word transcribed in the handwriting of its creator. That piece of word if sourced from a famous person is termed to be as an autograph. And this forms the practice of collecting the artistic signatures of the famous people. Be it politician, sportsmen or any other celebrity.
An autograph is able to identify the And this practice of collecting autographs is known to be as philography. And the person, who practices it, is called as a philographist.
In India, autograph collection seem to be as an upcoming hobby but in abroad, since the people are wide minded and very practical, they see this hobby as a great way of fun and also possess them to invest them in future.
It is an amazing thing to know that in a play way manner, where children get into the habit of the collection, they are actually investing in their future.
Ravi somani, a philographist and a numismatist, is a keen collector and a successful businessman. He, through his websites want to encourage the new collectors to carry out this hobby which later turns into a profitable business.
The new folks into this field always prefer e-mails to get the respective autographs.  He may or may not get a reply. But sometimes there are many people who wait outside the premiere shows in the hope to get an autograph. They are actually the professional autograph collectors who make their profit by selling them to earn their bread. You may get a rare autograph if you get involved in the club or join a page online of the autograph collectors. You can get your rare autograph exchanged with another friend/collector and hence you enhance your collection. The more you read about it, join clubs and take varied interests, the more you will grow into this business.

Mr. Ravi Somani has been through the thick and thins of this business and has turned out to be a gold digger out of his own hard work. He extends his help for the needful as he may provide every minor help one may need to develop himself into a philographist. 

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