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Thursday 30 October 2014

Ravi Somani, Ravi Somani Business Meeting in Cameroon

Ravi Somani – recently travelled to Cameroon for 9 day trip and met the President of Chamber of Commerce of Cameroon and understood the potential of developing business in Cameroon with Indian Technology and Machines. Company Utsav Exim Limited is already executing Cassava Starch project in city of Sangmelima in Cameroon and there is proposal to install 2 more similar projects in Cameroon with technology and machines supplied by Ravi Somani’s company Utsav Exim Limited. The President of Chamber of commerce was very much glad to understand the technical capabilities of Utsav Exim Limited and assured his full support to utilize the expertise of Ravi Somani’s company Utsav Exim Limited in developing job opportunities for Cameroon youth by setting up smaller industries in the smaller towns and villages of Cameroon. MrRavi Somani also visited City of Douala which is port city of Cameroon and Yaounde which is the Capital of Cameroun apart from visiting Sangmelima to see the project status under finalization. Ravi Somani is sure that in near future Utsav Exim Limited will get more business contracts in Cameroon and nearby countries.

Ravi Somani

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