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Saturday, 18 October 2014

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It is time to change our belief, to get practical since our childhood. Western world train their children since beginning in order to develop their interest in different fields so that the challenges of the material world does not mar their overall development. They follow the play way method in which the casual approach via games/contests/counselling are used to give the child a chance to explore their field of interest. The result is they come out confident completing their schooling ready to act next for accomplishing their dreams. The boldness and that confidence is due to the training instilled in them since beginning of their education. They reveal themselves like the shining stars out in the field ready to face any challenge, come what may.
The Indian folks though have turned ultra modern, need to westernize their education system as well. A big reformation is the need of the hour considering the scarce future of the Indian children. Scarce is used keeping in view the backward or the old standard of education system where the practical knowledge is yet to get advance. An engineer/medical or may be some other student after years of hard work to get into the engineering /medical or some other college, come out looking forward for a handsome salary package when suddenly he is shocked as he stands deserted, until and unless he gets a job experience.
And the irony of all the hard work all through these years is that at the end of the day he stands nowhere. He has to begin his voyage once again after the tough journey he has just completed which fruits into none.

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