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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ravi Somani  Collection Benefits of   All Collection 

Ravi Somani is a businessman based in Delhi who has a fascination of colleting things. He has a huge collection of colourful stamps, coins, autographs and even currency notes. It was Ravi Somani’s fascination for all this that had lead to his creating and developing these collections over the years.
Ravi Somani Delhi finds that there are lots of benefits to these collections. For one, coin collecting helps you learn more about the history of a country. The various coins printed in various eras help depict the type of craftsmanship and leaders who existed in the eras. The same holds for currency notes, which were printed using different methods and inks over the centuries.
Stamp collections help you learn about the future, past and present of a country. There are stamps with pictures of animals, flowers, fruits, famous people and even of instruments and equipment.
An autograph collection helps you learn more about hte person who had given an autograph. You can learn lots of things from a person’s handwriting, and thus learn more about hte person.
Ravi Somani Delhi also agrees that these collections are a priceless investment you will benefit with through the years. Moreover, these collections make a great hobby for you to pass your free time with.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Indian Stamp Collection By Ravi Somani

Beautiful Indian Stamp Collection and Paper Money Collection
Stamp collection-often called philately, is a hobby which is not just a pastime activity but it serves the interest of business value also among other benefits. The habit of collecting stamps raises itself from the beginner level to an advanced one.
As said earlier, collecting stamps has many benefits especially if you start collecting Indian stamps. A country like India, so rich in culture and heritage leaves her impression on anything which is of national importance such as inland post service across India. From architecture to freedom fighters, animals to flowers, there is a theme you can follow in your collection.Paper money collection is another such hobby which can lend the facts and knowledge about the History of India in a unique and valuable way.Try not to collect the marked notes and collect notes with unique serial numbers and notes of unique denominations.A research oriented mind and curiousity can take you far in this field.

Enlist the sources through which you can collect the stamps ad paper money to make the collection wonderful. Indian stamps have beautiful designs related to the culture and legendery heroes of India.There are commemorative stamps available at post offices. You can even specialise in theme collection according to your interests. Ravi Somani from Delhi, a businessman turned philator, pursues this hobby which he has taken to a higher level where one finds satisfaction and enrichment in one's life.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Today’s History By RaviSomani

17th March 1957 . New Central Cabinet under J.L Nehru  sworn in.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ravi Somani at Dubai

Ravi Somani shooting the world's largest musical fountain system set on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake at Dubai.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Delhi Businessman is looking to expand his business of Packaged Food items and Spices in

RaviSomani Delhi is a businessman who was always fascinated by coins, attractive stamps, currency notes and autographs of famous people from his childhood. He thus started collection all this out of his fascination, without following any particular theme. Now he has collections he is proud of, and which constitute a huge part of his investment.
He had actually started out his collections only for the pleasure of owning rare things. However with the passage of time, this casual hobby of his slowly developed into a serious collection, and a major investment.
This was when Ravi Somani Delhi decided that it was time that he joined the Delhi Coin Society. Not only did he do this to increase his collections, but also to widen his knowledge and understanding about his collections and its value.
Now that he has a huge collection of coins, notes, autographs and stamps, Ravi Somani Delhi has decided to branch out and expand his business of Packaged Food Items and Spices in the Mumbai area.
This is why he is now looking for a means of starting a good selling network in Mumbai by appointing C & F agent and distributors for all his packaged food and spices products.

Ravi Somani All Collection- Coins Collection, Paper Money Collection, Autograph Collection

Ravi Somani All Collection- Coins Collection, Paper Money Collection, Autograph Collection

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ravi Somani Overseas Customers .

Ravi Somani  Overseas Customers .
With African & European Customers.
With Korean Customer.