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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Delhi Businessman is looking to expand his business of Packaged Food items and Spices in

RaviSomani Delhi is a businessman who was always fascinated by coins, attractive stamps, currency notes and autographs of famous people from his childhood. He thus started collection all this out of his fascination, without following any particular theme. Now he has collections he is proud of, and which constitute a huge part of his investment.
He had actually started out his collections only for the pleasure of owning rare things. However with the passage of time, this casual hobby of his slowly developed into a serious collection, and a major investment.
This was when Ravi Somani Delhi decided that it was time that he joined the Delhi Coin Society. Not only did he do this to increase his collections, but also to widen his knowledge and understanding about his collections and its value.
Now that he has a huge collection of coins, notes, autographs and stamps, Ravi Somani Delhi has decided to branch out and expand his business of Packaged Food Items and Spices in the Mumbai area.
This is why he is now looking for a means of starting a good selling network in Mumbai by appointing C & F agent and distributors for all his packaged food and spices products.

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