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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ravi Somani as a Autograph, Stamp, Coins, Notes Collector

Ravi Somani is ardently intrigued about antique coins, stamps, autographs and other prehistoric collectibles of India is known as. He is a person with an extreme dedication in numismatics and philately since ages. Apart from that, he also has an obsession on collecting autographs of some extraordinary and well-known figures to do further study on the following items.
From his childhood he had been intrigued by the British Indian paper money, multicoloured stamps and autographs of renowned personalities. Gradually, his spontaneous hobby of collection coincidentally turned into farther studies and research endeavor. Eventually, he joined Delhi coin society to fetch some knowledge and understand the values on parallel assortment.
From the era of British rule in 1835, he has most of the relevant information regarding paper money, coins and autographs till date. His collection is not the ultimate achievement, yet he loves to study further on the particular precious items. If you have the similar interest on coins and stamps, you can directly visit his official web page and learn more on it. All you need to do is to research on Ravi Somani Delhi and yield all the required information regarding antique collectible from his official website.
A consultancy service called Utsav Exim ltd is provided for different projects in wide range of fields quite profitably. It is incorporated with stable technical specialists those are capable of understanding a project and to design the constructing process accordingly. Ravi Somani has also handled this business along with his hobby and passion of coin collection.
Authors Bio:Atish Shah is a renowned writer who has written various blogs and articles on coins and autograph collection. His articles are popular for the authentic information and innovative guidelines he provides.

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