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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ravi Somani's vintage Collection of British Time Indian Coins

Ravi Somaniis a coin collecting enthusiast, who has an exquisite gamut of vintage British Indian coin. He has a wide range of coins and notes which is extremely rare. Moreover, these notes and coins are also in the best conditions. Ravi has coins which dates back to the year 1835, and each of these cons have the best and most remarkable features.
In fact, he also has the collection of rare notes of Rs 10,000 which was prevalent in the British era. Apart from that, the vintage notes of two rupees eight annas are also present in his collection. His notes collection too is wide and exquisite. He has the most authentic and rare coins of the Victorian age which is about 200 years old. His coins date back to the year 1834 and each of these coins are in perfect condition.

Ravi Somani Delhihas always been adept in the collection of notes and coins. His collection is huge, and the number of coins he has collected is also exquisite. In fact, you can find any and every type of British Indian coin in the database of his website. Mr. Somani, has also initiated ample research on each of these coins. So, apart from the coins you can also grasp an insight about the history of these coins from Ravi Somani.  

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