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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Coins, Notes, Stamp Collection Hobby - Ravi Somani

Coin collection is known as the most popular among different types of collecting habits. While comparing to the old items of stamps, the coins are known as the most durable in the terms of the physical endurance. As these coins grow old, these become rare. Besides, the value of these coins also keeps rising due to the use of metals in these. But the stamps may lose the value or fade away with the passage of time.
Since India was governed by different forms of royalty, every ruler had his or her own coins in use and those coins were mostly made of the metals like silver or gold or some kind of mix metals. Even these days, while these coins are dug as the treasures, these depict the story of different stories of different regions. Apart from coin collection, notescollection is also a popular hobby among the collectors.
This is also considered to be the Ravi Somani hobby, as Ravi Somani is known as the pioneer of the coin collection hobby in India. But one of the biggest challenges to collect these coins is to understand the values of these coins according to the Indian history. Therefore, it becomes necessary to collect the details and also to concentrate on different types of coins that are issued throughout the history of India. Besides, it is important to know what to search for and you should also learn to view the coins from the perspective of any casual coin collector or coin dealer.

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