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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Coins Collection | Indian Coins Tips For Collectors Ravi Somani

The term Coin comes from the Latin term “cuneus” and it is supposed that the first noted draw on coins was witnessed in China and Greece approximately in 700BC. A coin is a chunk of metal of an authorized mass, designed and created under the restrictions of an authorization for its utilization as a means of exchange and also for commercial transactions. Thus it becomes an essential element of our livelihood.

The East India Company commenced homogeneous coinage in the 19th century, and later on, these coins were emulated by the contemporary nation states of Pakistan, Republic of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Numismatists play an important role in shaping precise phase of Indian ancient history.
Collection of rare, obsolete and old coins is a fascination and an elite pursuit and which has secured extreme recognition in the era of last century.

The name, Ravi Somani mounts higher because of his contribution in the field of Numismatics. He is a Delhi based businessman and a very popular Numismatist. As an intending guide to his fellowmen, he lays out certain things to be kept in mind for the collectors. Ravi Somani, coins collection and paper money collection is massive and exclusive. According to him, initially, a prospective collector must know that which coins are wise to be purchased or collected and what earnings or shortfall are expected in his venture. He must be aware as to where he could collect the coins from.

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