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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ravi Somani Deals in All British Time Stamp Collection, Coins Collection

"Stamps are an abstruse form of investment," says Ravi Somani, the numismatist and a philatelist dealing in rare stamps, unique autographs, coins and paper money collection. Thus, it is not startling that a successful Indian investor realizes collection of stamps and ancestral coins as not just a hobby, but a way to make large fortune whereas other investment sources proffer unstable proceeds.

The compilation and examination of different postage stamps became famous in the 19th Century. It came to be called as philately which has been drawn from the Greek word, “ateleia” which means, exemption from tax.

Indian trade in postage stamps contributes to the escalation and progress of philately in India. According to Ravi Somani,the minimum appreciation one can get on a unique stamp is 15 to 20% per year,in accordance to the standard stamp catalogues. Thus, a philatelist may not fear of losing any money. He will always be benefited. Ravi Somani has a display of his rare stamps, issued by the Britishers, before Independence. He believes in sharing his knowledge and collection with the upcoming collectors.

At the very first, in order to collect and invest in the ancient stamps, the collector must make sure that the stamps are in good condition in order to fetch more value. One can collect the stamps, depending upon his/ her genre of interests. It can be stamps related to historical context, famous personalities, political discourses, national or international events, warriors, soldiers, agriculture, monuments, scientists, mode of transport etc.

  There are many distinctive sources for stamps.The collectors can buy the new issues from the nearest post office, the cheapest and the best way. There are special auction for stamps and many dealers who are ready to sell their stamps.

Once an interested person gets into this trade, he cannot turn back. He can feel the thrill of collecting ancient stamps which helps to know more about our country’s ancient culture. There is immense knowledge about Numismatic and Philatelic which is like an unending fervor. The craving of collectors can never be satisfied as this becomes a part of life more than a hobby. To know more, contact Ravi Somani. Every feedback and sharing will be warmly greeted.

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