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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Coins Collection Tips By Ravi Somani

A child is obsessive about his possession be it the collection of toffees, colour pencils or stones. Many children reflect their excellence or profession they would opt for in their future. Robert Frost says that if vocation and avocation are combined then it does wonders and his object in living is to combine the vocation and avocation- “Two Tramps in a Mud Time”.
 Uniting the work of pleasure with the work of need, results in benefiting the society as well as one’s life.

Ravi Somani, a Delhi based businessman, found his interest in collecting the antique coins, stamps, paper notes and autographs which he beholds it as a heritage. Since childhood he was fanatical about his rare possession. Years gone by and he held his interests seriously in order to acquire the importance of his collection and to invest through them. And now he serves the nation as being an important member of the Delhi Coin Society, he is well known amongst the Numismatic, the coins collector in India.

The Ravi Somani Coins Collection stockpile assortment of Indian coins since 1835, the period since the uniform coinage was launched in India by the British Empire. The studying of the Heritage India, its culture and history, is accustomed by the studying of these primordial articles.
Ravi, being a socialist, invites the folks with same interest to assess his website and to share their collections with him.

As an activist, he has embarked upon working for the under privileged children through his NGO named as Different Strokes.

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