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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Positive Attitude to overcome fears By Ravi Somani

Many times we are faced with such difficult situations in life where we are stressed , full of anxiety and have fear of unknown. Mostly we turn to almighty to help us get over the situation and bring us out of the difficult situation.
We must remember that God help those who help themselves so we should first assess the situation with cool mind and understand the worst outcome of that situation. Working on the idea of what next, what next once we reach to that Worst outcome then we should evaluate what will be our condition at that siatuation and is that really something we should be afraid of. Most of the time we would find that our fears atre mainly bacause we have not considered the wosrt outcome and infact the worst outcome may not be as Bad as we are fearing.
So it is quite important that we do not loose our cool in difficult situation as it will create Fear in our mind which are uncalled for. We must always keep faith in God and that the Saviour is always with us and he will do what is Best for us.
So if we have Positive attitude we will overcome the difficult situation with Grace of God otherwise we will be always under stress for fear of the unknown.

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