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Monday, 30 June 2014

Pricing Of British India Coins - Ravi Somani

 Coin collecting is known as the hobby of kings. People mainly collect these coins like the British India coins for the purposes like for fun, for long term investment or for the short term gain for the quick resale. But no matter for what you consider the rare coins collection, knowing the techniques of finding the values of the old coins is very important. Due to the rarity, these coins are very expensive. You will be really surprised to know that the value of a single one anna coin of 1818, issued by the East India Company was priced around 10 lakhs. Here are some steps that will surely help you in judging the values of the coins.
  • Check the date of the coins: Checking the value is one of the best mediums of judging the value of the coins. Generally, the older a coin is the more worthy it will be.
  • Check the rarity of the coins: Another thing that determines the value of the coins is their rarity.
  • Know about the country that has issued it: The value of the coins also depends on the country that has issued it and how historically prominent the country was.
  • Check the conditions of the coins: Another thing that affects the values of the coins is the shape of these. Besides, the factors like how better these look and how much the collectors are ready to pay for it, also determines the value.

Last but not the least; you can also take the help of some expert coin collectors like Ravi Somani Delhi to know the actual value of these coins.

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