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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tips from Ravi Somani collectors of British Indian coins

Ravi Somanihas an exquisite collection of the best British Indian coins. Besides that, he is also an ardent not and autograph collecting enthusiast. His wide and exquisite range of coins and notes dates back to the British era. Besides that, these coins and notes are also in proper conditions. So, if you are looking for the rarest of Indian coins, then the coins from Ravi Somani’s collection will surely amuse you.
Now, while handling British Indian coins you have to be extremely adept because mishandling of the coin can mar its value. So, if you have British Indian coins then make sure you hold it with your index and thumb finger. All coins have an obverse and reverse side. The reverse side usually has the denomination and the year of the coins inception marked. Also, while cleaning the coins make sure you get the silver coins perfectly cleaned with soap and water
While using the coins and counting them, always keep them on a piece of cloth or carpet. Also, look for mint marks in the coins. Coins with mint marks are greater in value. Ravi Somani Delhi has the best variants of coins which also have mint marks on them. Simply check his exquisite collection of coin to grasp an insight about the rarest coins across the globe.

Ravi Somani also heads an entrepreneurship program known as the Utsav Exim. However, handling and managing coins have always been his main hobby. Follow his coin collection tips in order to keep your coins safely and also to enjoy the very best from your coins.   

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