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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ravi Somani Collection Of Old Coin in Delhi/India

Understanding and finding out the best coins used throughout India during the historical period can really be as much complex as knowing about the history of India. But the famous old coin collectors in India have this knowledge and therefore they can easily differentiate the coins and their importance. Mr. Ravi Somani is one of the renowned Indian coin collectors, who have a great collection of Indian coins and notes. Now let’s have a look at the ways to differentiate different types of old coins. 

·         Very good coins: These coins that continued to be less in the circulation, but which are legend on the obverse and the reverse parts are legible without taking the help of the magnifying glasses. The figure and the letters should be tangible in case it is touched by your index finger. Besides, there should not be any denture or cut marks and these should not spot any chemical. These coins are the most valuable ones, so these should be kept very carefully as these lose their luster and shine by rubbing with each other.

·         Good coins: These coins remain in much circulation but these are mainly legend on both the sides and these are quite easily legible. These have no denture or the cut mark on these coins.

·         Un-circulated or UNC coins: These are basically meant for the daily use by the general public. These are mainly used by the Reserve Bank of India. All these coins are mainly uncirculated during the time of issuance. These coins are mainly issued by the collectors of the India Government Mints.

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